Public Law.


Currently, RAB represents over 40 municipal utility districts, emergency services districts, service providers, and utilities as general counsel, special counsel and bond counsel.
RAB’s attorneys offer more than 90 years of experience working with and representing these entities in all aspects of their business, including:

We are well versed in the general formation, set-up and administration of all types of special districts, and have developed a streamlined practice that is capable of providing all of the administrative services required by our special district clients.


In addition to the routine administrative business of special districts, we are experienced in all aspects of the more technical operations of districts. In addition, our attorneys are experienced in obtaining virtually all permits and approvals required by state and federal agencies.


We regularly handle taxation matters on behalf of our special district clients, including consultation with respect to the levying and use of ad valorem taxes for both debt service purposes and operation and maintenance purposes.


We have an active public finance practice and have been listed as a recognized public finance law firm in the Municipal Bond Attorneys Section of The Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace, more widely known as the Red Book, since our inception in 1987.


We regularly handle all election matters on behalf of our special district clients. Specifically, our attorneys are highly experienced in all aspects of conducting director/supervisor/commissioner, bond authorization, maintenance tax authorization, confirmation, creation, assumption and annexation elections.



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